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Marie Plunkett

"Who, Me?"  I remember saying to my doctor, 'it can't be'.  I am so faithful about getting my mammogram every year.  Bill and I just said to each other, "Didn't see that coming!"

After we got home, I quickly rode up to see my friend.  I needed to cry and get out all my fears.  And, I needed to think.  How do I tell my son and daughter-in-law?  I was told to call Janet Hertzmark; but, I hardly knew her.  I called and she was at my door within 15 minutes.  What an unbelievable mentor she was for us every step of the way.


Bill was so positive and helpful throughout the process.  Of course, my family and close friends were there for us.  We couldn't believe the support from our Oxford Greens neighbors, even people we hardly knew.  Every day, there was someone at our door with a pick-me-up surprise.  And after 3 years, people still come up to me and ask how I'm doing...lots of hugs!

I've always said my therapy has been talking about my disease and staying positive.

I'm thrilled to be a part of our Oxford Greens team at the Seymour Pink walk.  Thank you Bob!

An incredible experience...I'll never forget the first time I walked up to the Survivor's Tent at the walk.  You can't imagine the feeling,  Yes, I am a survivor!

I am one of the lucky ones.  I can only emphasize EARLY DETECTION.  I just hope that I can pay it forward and be an inspiration to others,

I am truly blessed!

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