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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Pounding the Pavement for Pink 5-K be held in 2023?

Yes!  The Race will be held on Saturday, October 7th.  The race kicks off at 9:00 AM

Do I have to be a senior citizen to participate?

No, we encourage our residents to invite family and friends of any age to participate. 

Is there a fee to join OGGP?

No, there is no fee to join the team.  

Do I have to be a resident to participate?

Technically, no…but it helps if you have a connection with someone that lives in the community.  The main problem is getting the shirts and race bibs to you.  We can’t deliver them to people;  you must pick them up.

What is the cost to register for the race?

Early registration (July) is discounted.  The fee is usually $25.  The registration fee increases in August and again in September.  (Registration for Team OGGP ends 8/31/23.

Do I have to purchase the green Oxford Greens Goes Pink T-Shirt?

We strongly suggest that everyone that joins OGGP and plans to participate in the race in downtown Seymour on race day wear the team T-Shirt.  The shirts are currently $10; they are payable (cash) on the day you pick up your race bibs.  If we need to order more shirts, the price will go up to $15.

Is my registration fee tax deductible?

No, it is not.  

Is my registration fee the same as a donation?

No, it is not. Most of the registration fee goes to cover the administrative cost of the running the race.

Do I need to get 'sponsors'?

No, you don't need get sponsors; but the purpose of the annual 5-K is to raise money for Seymour Pink.  Therefore, we encourage participants to make a donation to the OGGP team fundraiser beyond the basic registration fee.  We also encourage all residents to donate to the team fundraiser; and, to solicit donations from friends and family outside of the community. 


How can I donate if I don't plan on participating in the 5-K?

You can donate on-line, using the link button on our home page.  Or, you can leave a check, payable to "Seymour Pink, Inc." at the concierge desk in the Ridge Club.


When will I get my shirt and bib?
We get the shirts and bibs the Saturday before the 5-K.  Then, we have to “fold, bag and tag” them.  We distribute the shirts at two meetings at our club house.  The first is on the Wednesday before the race at 11:00 AM and the second is on the Thursday before the race at 7:00 PM.  The club house is located at 97 Country Club Drive in Oxford, CT.

Where does the race take place?

The race starts and ends at the Seymour Congressional Church (intersection of West Street, Derby Avenue, River Street and Route 313). 


What is the course?             

The course is 3.1 miles long.  It runs down Derby Avenue to Rose Street goes over to Cedar Street.  The course then goes up (130 feet in elevation) past the Seymour Library where it loops around to West Street and back down Cedar Street where it joins back with Derby Avenue and returns to the finish/start line.

What happens on the day of the race?

We suggest that you carpool to Seymour.  Most people park at the Stop and Shop in Seymour.  But, there are shuttle buses from schools to the race.  We meet at our tent in the "team village".

What time does the race start?

The race kicks off at 9:00 AM.  But, we start lining up at 8:30.  Most people finish the race in about an hour.

Can I participate in "Pounding the Pavement for Pink" Virtually?

Yes, you can.  But if you do, we suggest that you select the option to have your shirts & swag shipped to you.  The cost is an additional $10 charge to the registration fee.

If I can't do the race, can I give my race bib to someone else?

If you registered for the 5-K and decided that you cannot do the race for any reason PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR RACE BIB TO SOMEONE ELSE!  Especially, if that person is younger than you.  

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