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Marsha Heller

Over the years we have lost several family members on my mother’s side from cancer.  My maternal grandfather died of colon cancer.  Two of my maternal aunts died from breast cancer, each one of their daughters died in their early 40’s of ovarian cancer.   


My mother had uterine cancer.  Over the following years we have lost several others with various forms of cancer.  I was overdue for my mammogram, so I set up my appointment.  I was diagnosed with stage 1 Breast cancer in 2018.  I was very lucky it was caught in time and after surgery to remove the growth and test the lymph nodes I only needed radiation treatment over 19 days and 5 years of hormone pill daily.  I also had genetic testing done, they tested 47 genes and came back negative.  Doctors say that due to family history it’s probably a gene they haven’t found yet.  When they do they’ll notify me.  


I strongly support Seymour Pink, 100% of the monies raised goes back to people suffering with breast cancer.  The money is used for wigs, helping with their monthly bills, medical bills and any other expenses they incur while fighting cancer.  They are also a great emotional support for the families.

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